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Tropical Vet Services is a group of clinics that service the areas including Tully, Innisfail, Ingham, Babinda, Cardwell and Mission Beach.

July is typically when the paralysis tick season really starts to ramp up. Be sure to search your pets daily for ticks. If you are unsure of how to do this, call in and ask our friendly staff. This is a vital skill when you live in the Great Green Way and your pet goes into natural habitats where wildlife may spread paralysis ticks, or if your house is close to bush land, waterways or parks, thus wildlife (especially bandicoots) and ticks can enter your yard.

Signs of Tick Poisoning – A husky cough, a change in voice, dilated pupils (giving a glassy eyed appearance) and vomiting may be noticed. Consistent signs also include wobbliness in the hind legs progressing to an inability to walk or stand, and panting when at rest progressing to very heavy breathing or difficulty breathing. Cats may wonder off in the early stages and so you must always search for him/her when missing (even if only for a short while) during tick season.

If the animal shows any of the above signs call your vet ASAP to discuss whether treatment is required. Animals that are treated sooner have better survival rates and cheaper treatment costs. If your pet has no signs, monitor for 48 hours, as the tick toxin can be slow acting and the animal may develop signs long after the tick has been removed. Watch carefully for any of the above signs to start developing.

Things not to do – Do not allow your dog to run around. Leash walks to the toilet are all that is required. Do not wash your dog or cat in OP chemicals intended for much larger animals – this may make your pet even more unwell.
Tick control – Frontline Plus/ Advantix every 2 weeks, or Kiltix collars every 6 weeks, or Scalibor collars every 3 months or weekly tick washes. No single method of tick control is able to take the place of daily tick searches of your pet – touch him/her all over with the tips of your fingers for any lumps or bumps that need closer inspection.


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