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Tropical Vet Services policy on horses unvaccinated for Hendra Virus.

Hendra virus is a fatal disease of horses and humans; as such it will always be considered a business and occupational health risk.

The disease has no specific or consistent clinical signs so can manifest as any other disease in the horse, i.e. Colic, Tick Paralysis, Encephalitis, snake bite, choke, lameness, etc.

Vaccination of horses for Hendra Virus is the only effective way of reducing risks to the community, our clients and colleagues. 

From December 1st 2014, Tropical Vet Services is implementing a Hendra virus / vaccination policy 

From December 1st onwards we will use the following protocols for horses:

1. Sick/ Emergency cases will not be seen at our clinics without a current Hendra vaccination certificate.  We will still see sick horses on farm.
2. Sick / Emergency cases seen on farm will require Hendra virus exclusion testing prior to any invasive or risk associated treatments. While awaiting the exclusion testing (can take up to 72 hours) treatments will be limited to those deemed necessary for the animal’s welfare.
3. A new pricing structure will be implemented.  All un-vaccinated horses will be charged a surcharge to cover for the extra equipment and processes needed to treat these horses.  If an owner chooses to vaccinate their horse during this visit the surcharge will be waived.

For the months of October and November we will be offering a 2 for 1 vaccination policy (does not include travel).  This will apply to all horses being vaccinated for the first time.

Hendra vaccination is considered to be very safe and effective.  Over 200,000 horses have now been vaccinated and the rate of complications is very low.  Complications include a swelling at the site (by far the most common), rarely a temperature for 24 hours, rarely a malaise for 12-24 hours (off food), but there have been no deaths or serious injury recorded.

Tropical Vet Services has an obligation to its clients, staff and the community to protect and advise them on the best way of preventing disease in horses and people.  Vaccination is the best way of preventing Hendra virus infection in horses and therefore protecting the community and its clients.

Give us a call at one of the following clinics – Babinda, Innisfail, Mission Beach, Tully, Cardwell or our Hinchinbrook clinic in Ingham.  


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