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Paralysis Tick Cases Continue to Flood the Local Vet Clinics

In the last month hundreds of domestic pets have been treated for tick paralysis in our clinics from Babinda to Ingham.  August, September and October are always the worst time of year for tick cases but this last month has been especially busy.  We have also treated 3 horses during the last 4 weeks for the effects of tick paralysis.

It is vital at this time of year that all pet owners are watching their animals closely for the early signs of tick paralysis.  These include wobbliness in the hind legs, a slight cough or unusual bark, vomiting or respiratory difficulties.

It is also very important that if you find and remove a tick from your pet that you watch it closely as the onset of symptoms can be delayed by up to 48 hours.  Always seek veterinary advice if you are concerned; leaving your pet to see if it will recover on its own can prove to be a fatal mistake.  It is always best to seek veterinary help as early as possible as our success rate in treating animals affected by ticks is much higher earlier in the disease process.

Prevention is better than cure.  There are a range of tick prevention products including tablets that last either 1 month or 4 months, ‘spot-ons’, washes, collars or sprays.  There are no injections that are proven to be effective for the control of paralysis ticks.

Every animal’s situation is different so it is best to speak to one of our friendly staff to work out what tick prevention product would suit you best. 

Be wary of taking advice from relatives, neighbours or friends.  There are a lot of ‘old wives tales’ out there in the community about how to deal with paralysis ticks.  Seek advice from our staff as they are very experienced in the signs, symptoms and treatment of tick paralysis cases.

For any further questions or advice regarding above please contact us at our Babinda, Innisfail, Mission Beach, Tully, Cardwell or Ingham clinics.  You can also ‘like us’ on Facebook to keep up to date with current local health concerns for your animals. 


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